euroFORTH '97

Embedded Communications

euroFORTH '97 was held at St. Anne's College, Oxford, England, 26-28 September. A copy of the proceedings is available from MPE Ltd..

This years conference was sponsored by:

  1. MicroProcessor Engineering Ltd.
  2. Forth Engineering.
  3. Micross Electronics Ltd.
  4. Malvatronics Ltd.
  5. Monisys Ltd.

This year's conference has more delegates and visitors than ever before, and demonstrates how Forth is more widespread than even its practitioners believe. The sophistication in the approaches to problems. The applications handled by Forth are increasing in size and complexity, and some of the papers discuss how the methodologies required to handle complexity in software, both in terms of code size and in terms of team programming, cna be applied to modern Forth systems.

The theme of this year's conference is Embedded Communications, and I am very pleased that we have several papers on this topic, including the use of the IX1 stack networking papers cover the CAN filedbus and a TCP/IP stack in Forth. As ever, the actual topic of a euroForth conference emerges when we recieve the papers. This year, one of the emerging themes is safety and certification, particularly as part of the problems of managing large software projects. This is related to an interest expressed before the conference by several delegates in source documentation and management.

Apart from our thanks to all delegates for their enthusiasm and their papers, our thanks also go to those who organised the conference. Peter Knaggs and his committee looked after the refereed papers. Joan Perham and Sarah Windless performed the administration of the conference, and its successful running is due to them. The conference sponsors enabled money to be available for student sponsorship.

Stephen Pelc,
Conference Chairman

Two reports of this years conference are available, one by Paul Bennett and the other by Paul Frenger.

Presentations include:

There where two refereed papers presented:
  1. The Structure of a Forth Native Code Compiler, by M. Anton Ertl and Christian Pirker
  2. The Error Reporting and Handling Solution in Open Firmware Selftest Methods, by Michael Milendorf